NordicTrack Elliptical Noises: How to Fix the Clunking Sound

NordicTrack ellipticals are known for their high-quality and durability, but like any piece of machinery, they may occasionally produce noises that interfere with your workout experience. If you’re experiencing clunking noises on your NordicTrack elliptical, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips and solutions to help you identify and fix the clunking sound. We’ll explore the most common causes of the clunking noise and guide you through troubleshooting steps to silence the sound and get your NordicTrack elliptical running smoothly again.

Understanding Elliptical Noises

To understand and fix the clunking sound caused by your NordicTrack Elliptical, you need to go deeper and recognize the different types of elliptical noises. In this section,’ we introduce you to the possible reasons behind the noise and types of noises you might be experiencing in your machine.

Understanding NordicTrack Elliptical Noises

Causes of Elliptical Noises

Elliptical noises may be caused by a few factors. Imbalances, vibrations, and manufacturing defects all lead to irregular movements, creating a distinct sound. An unbalanced motor with uneven weight or worn bearings, misalignment of pulleys and belts, and loose parts that vibrate could be to blame.

Regular maintenance, lubrication, alignment, and balance are essential to prevent these noises. Early detection is key to avoiding costly repairs. Inspections and monitoring of machines should be done to identify potential issues.

To reduce them, place vibration-damping materials between vibrating components, or use soundproofing coatings on resonating surfaces.

Different Types of Elliptical Noises

Elliptical noises are a kind of interference causing system performance to decrease. Based on their statistical attributes, they can be broken down into various types. Like Gaussian, Laplacian, and Cauchy noises. Each has its own probability curve, influencing the outcome.

Gaussian noise is the most used. It features a bell curve that shows the equal probability of each signal. Laplacian has a longer tail, so it is good for detecting outliers, like transactional data.

Cauchy noise is heavy-tailed and spotty, so great for modeling highly varying stuff like climate research.

Understanding these noises’ properties is essential to make efficient transmissions with reliable algorithms.

How to Fix Clunking Sound on NordicTrack Elliptical

Elliptical Noises fixing

To fix the clunking sound on your NordicTrack, you need to follow some simple steps. Tightening loose bolts and screws, lubricating the pedal tracks and wheels, replacing worn-out pedals, and adjusting the resistance tensioner can help to eliminate the annoying noise. By following these sub-sections, you can get back to a smooth and quiet workout without any distractions.

Tightening Loose Bolts and Screws

If you hear a clunking sound coming from your NordicTrack elliptical, it may be because of loose bolts and screws. Here is an easy, four-step guide to fixing this problem:

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it.
  • Find any loose screws or bolts with a wrench or screwdriver.
  • Tighten them, but don’t overdo it.
  • Test the machine to see if the sound has stopped.

If the clunking sound persists, further inspection is required. It is important to take care of your NordicTrack regularly. This lowers the chance of having this issue occur again. Plus, it also prevents other issues like damaged bearings and pulleys. NordicTrack’s manual says to check all nuts and bolts every few months.

Lubricating the Pedal Tracks and Wheels

For the smooth running of your NordicTrack elliptical, it’s essential to lubricate the pedal tracks and wheels regularly. This reduces friction and avoids clunking sounds; giving you a comfy workout experience. Here’s a 3-step guide on how to do it:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power source.
  • Wipe the tracks and wheels with a clean cloth to remove any dirt.
  • Apply lube oil on both tracks and wheels. Don’t use too much as it can draw more dust.

Furthermore, if you possess an old model of NordicTrack elliptical, it is advisable to replace parts like pedals that can lead to clunking sounds during a workout.

Someone told a story about hearing loud clunking noise when using their NordicTrack elliptical. Despite attempting multiple DIY solutions, it didn’t work. They contacted the manufacturer who advised them to use silicone spray on the rails. Amazingly, this basic solution removed the sound which enabled them to keep exercising without any disturbances.

Understanding NordicTrack Elliptical Noises

Replacing Worn-Out Pedals

Power off and unplug your NordicTrack. To restore a smooth ride, replace worn-out pedals. Loosen the bolts or screws and remove the old pedals. Attach the new ones as per manufacturer guidelines. Tighten bolts/screws with a wrench, but don’t overdo it.

Power on and test the Elliptical. Make sure to note any special components of your model, such as sensors or magnets. Get rid of the clunking sound and enjoy a smooth ride today!

Adjusting the Resistance Tensioner

Turn your machine off and unplug it. Use an Allen wrench key to unscrew the access cover of the resistance tensioner. Near the wheel, there is a small nut. Try tightening it with your fingers. If that doesn’t work, use a wrench to secure it properly. Test it by slowly turning the wheels and maintaining tightness. Screw back the access cover and plug in your machine.

It’s important to lubricate your NordicTrack Elliptical to avoid clunking. Note that adjustments differ for each model. If you have any queries, refer to the troubleshooting manual.

One customer heard strange sounds coming from their NordicTrack Elliptical. With no luck finding help online, they called customer support. The agent talked them through adjusting the resistance tensioner and shared potential causes. The customer appreciated the email with all the steps they had to take. After applying these solutions, they regained full use of their machine.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Elliptical Noises

To prevent clunking noises from your NordicTrack elliptical, you need to take preventive measures with regular maintenance and proper usage. Avoid costly repairs and future headaches with these sub-sections as solutions: regular cleaning and maintenance and using the elliptical correctly and safely.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

To stop elliptical noise, regular maintenance is key. Here are a few tips for keeping your machine in top shape:

1. After each use, wipe it down with a wet cloth and remove sweat and dust from all areas.
2. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and lubricate the pedals and moving parts with high-quality, non-toxic lubricants.
3. Check for loose screws and bolts and tighten them if needed.
4. Store your elliptical in a cool, dry place when not in use to ward off rust or other damage.

For optimum performance, remember to take a break after extended use and get a professional check-up at least once a year. Plus, research has revealed that proper cleaning of exercise equipment can reduce the risk of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infections.

Using the Elliptical Correctly and Safely

Achieving Noise-Free Workouts with Ellipticals

Want to make sure your elliptical sessions are soundless? Follow these steps:

1. Make sure the ground is level.
2. Set up according to the manual.
3. Wear shoes that won’t cause slipping.
4. Adjust your posture and grip.
5. Start slowly and increase gradually.
6. Keep your movements smooth.

Furthermore, cleanliness counts too! Wipe down the pedals and wheel tracks before and after each use. That’ll guarantee proper functioning and no unwelcome noise.

Fun fact: They were originally designed as rehab machines for lower body injuries. Nowadays, they’re one of the most popular machines for low-impact workouts and minimal injury risk.


Can a worn-out or loose drive belt cause clunking noises?

Yes, a worn-out or loose drive belt can cause clunking noises. Check the belt for wear and proper tension. If the belt is worn or loose, replace or adjust it as needed.

How do I know if my elliptical bearings need to be replaced?

If the bearings in your NordicTrack are worn out or damaged, you may hear a grinding or clunking noise while using the machine. Inspect the bearings for any signs of wear, and replace them if necessary.

Are there any risks in trying to fix the clunking noise on my own?

Attempting to fix the clunking sound on your own can be risky if you’re not familiar with the elliptical’s components or don’t have the appropriate tools. You could potentially damage your machine or void its warranty. If you’re unsure, consult your user manual or contact NordicTrack customer service for assistance.

Can the clunking noise be a sign of a more serious problem with my elliptical?

While it is often caused by loose or worn-out parts, it can sometimes indicate a more serious issue with your elliptical’s internal components. If you’re unable to resolve the noise issue after following the troubleshooting steps, it’s best to contact NordicTrack customer service or a professional technician for further assistance.

Is it safe to use my NordicTrack Elliptical if it’s making clunking noises?

Using it while it’s making clunking sounds can cause further damage to the machine or lead to potential injury. It’s best to address the issue and resolve it before continuing to use the elliptical.

How can I prevent clunking noises in my NordicTrack Elliptical in the future?

To prevent clunking sounds in the future, perform regular maintenance checks on your elliptical, including tightening bolts and screws, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting components for wear and tear. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and addressing issues promptly can help keep your machine in good working condition.

If I can’t fix the clunking noise myself, where can I find professional help?

If you’re unable to fix the clunking noise yourself, you can contact NordicTrack customer service for assistance or find a certified fitness equipment technician in your area. They can help diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring it is safe and functional.


Do you know that running multiple apps on your NordicTrack Elliptical can cause clunks? Or, worn-out bearings and loose screws?

Our article gives you insight into how to avoid noisy machines and ensure smooth functioning. Regular maintenance is a must for fitness equipment to prevent future issues. Follow simple steps for enjoyable and noise-free workout sessions. Prioritize professional help before attempting DIY fixes.

A fitness enthusiast ignored the clunking sound from their elliptical until it stopped working. A repairman confirmed that ignoring the sound led to bigger issues. Pay attention to minor changes in workout equipment for longer usability!